Why should you bet on running?

In terms of sports betting, athletics is a very specific sport. On the one hand, favorites often win series – competition after competition. On the other hand, in athletics, the balance of power changes very often, which makes betting difficult. The winning player throughout the season indoors may regularly fail outdoors in the summer.

Ultimately, the result is determined by many factors. So how do you place your bets on athletics? The first advice looks like this: when assessing the chances of a particular athlete, you need to approach the topic in a comprehensive manner. Pay attention to factors such as:

  • results achieved in the last 3-4 important starts;
  • past injuries;
  • motivation to win (evaluate the prestige of the competition);
  • the number of disciplines in which this participant starts (a large number of starts causes fatigue and, therefore, a worse result).

Non-sport factors affecting performance and betting

Assessing the skill and disposition of players are essential components of a tipster’s analysis of running. However, this cannot be stopped. To make sure your bets are correct, you should also consider non-sport factors:

  1. weather conditions – factors such as air temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind strength and direction can significantly affect the results achieved by participants. In some sports, the weather is less important than in others. The weather is important during stadium running competitions. At the same time, it certainly doesn’t matter in the audience.
  2. place where the competition is held – the running competition in their home country usually helps the competitors. The location of the competition is also important because of the distance that competitors from individual countries must travel. The difference in climate matters, as does the change in time zone.
  3. arena specifics – check what the players and coaches have to say about the course surface, shot putter tool, or jump run. Can high running speeds be achieved? Or maybe it is impossible to achieve a good result on a given surface and a world record bet is completely meaningless?

Betting on profitable running disciplines

In athletics, betting on certain disciplines is especially beneficial. Other disciplines are best avoided as the results can be very unpredictable. We have compiled lists of the most profitable and least profitable types of athletics. However, remember that these are suggestions only. However, remember that special opportunities may arise when offering bets on less profitable sports.

Disciplines worth betting on
Long distance running. The shorter the distance, the more randomized the result. Tenths, and sometimes hundredths of a second, are decisive for short-range victories. Thus, the slightest mistake deprives the chance of a good result. Long-distance races last several tens of minutes, so stumbling or a bad start doesn’t matter.
All-around running. The final classification of an all-around is the sum of points in at least some disciplines. Thus, the worst position of any of them does not exclude the chances of ultimate success.
Relay running races. In a team sport such as a relay, it is not a catastrophe for one participant to be unwell. If a team is more athletic than the others, it must win despite the slightly worse shape of one of the four runners.

Disciplines in which it is difficult to bet
Short distance running. A small delay at the start, a slightly worse form for today, a small mistake in preparation – the details determine the result in short-distance running. It is impossible to predict everything that will happen before and during the race.
Technical competitions. In competitions such as the javelin throw or the long jump, weather conditions have a great influence on the results obtained. If the aura of the weather is not equally favorable for everyone, it no longer matters much in the context of sports betting.
Choosing competitions suitable for betting
You should know that athletes also compete in training. Coaches prepare a training plan for them, thanks to which they should achieve optimal shape only at the target event. Therefore, the most talented and titled players often lose in lower-level running competitions. In such a situation, it is difficult to predict the results of the tournament. During a humble event, you never know what stage of preparation the individual players are in.
The answer is simple – place your bets only on important running events. During important competitions, as in the case of ski jumping, every athlete gives his best, so that victory is mainly determined by skill, and not, for example, lack of motivation.

Major sporting events to bet on

There is a clear hierarchy of values ​​among sporting events. Knowing this, you will understand the odd odds in athletics, the failure of the best athletes, or the absence of many of them. To do this, check out the list we have prepared. Athletic competitions are listed below, starting with the most famous.
Athletics at the Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, held every four years, athletics is one of the highlights, especially running. The prestige of the Games makes the Olympic medal the highest value for any athlete. This is also the main event for betting.
World Championship at the stadium. The World Championships in Athletics, held every 2 years during the summer season, is the second most important event. Another major event which is immensely popular among those who bet.
Continental championships at the stadium. Championships take different forms and are held at different frequencies depending on the continent. The European Championships are held every 2 years, in seasons in which there are no World Championships.
Indoor championship level competitions. Sports competitions organized in the hall are always less prestigious than stadium competitions. They are held during the winter season, which many players perceive as training. World Indoor Championships are held every 2 years. Unfortunately, many top athletes do not come to these competitions every year.
National Championships. As a rule, these are not very prestigious competitions. The United States Championship is an exception. They are more valuable to American players and fans than any other meeting. During the US Championship, representatives of the country are selected to compete in the World Championships and the Olympic Games. This gives the running competition an even higher ranking.