What should you know about marathons to make a successful bet?

Not only athletes and coaches make money on sports. Even those who only show an interest in sports, if we are talking about bookmakers, can earn money here. Play with bets only in a sport where you are well versed. For the most effective betting game, you need to understand all the rules and subtleties of sports. Find out all about judging, look around the results of past competitions. Look at the position of the runners in the leaderboards.
To make a forecast, it is necessary to take into account: the physical readiness of the athlete, the statistics of the last starts and performances in the race, the athlete’s motivation and the stage of the competition.

Where did the Big Six come from?

World Marathon Majors is the most famous series of races, in which more than 200 thousand people take part annually. In 2006, the five largest races on the planet (Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Berlin) merged into the World Marathon Majors series to create a prize pool of $ 1 million for the fastest runners of the year in the women’s and men’s competitions.
The main race joined these five in 2013. In terms of organization, the Big Six races differ significantly from smaller-scale races. The track, meals at the distance and finish, starter package and medals – the entire organization of the majors is a benchmark.

Tokyo marathon
The youngest of the Big Six events is the Tokyo Marathon. It first took place on February 18, 2007. The race continued the tradition of the Tokyo International Men’s Race. The women’s one was held separately. In 2009 they merged. In 2013, they became part of the World Marathon Majors.
The number of participants is about 36 thousand. The track record belongs to the Kenyan Wilson Kipsang (2:03:58, 2017). The Tokyo race is not as large-scale as the American races, but it is very colorful – the organizers pay special attention to this aspect. Not a very popular event among those who bet on this sport, but if you look closely you can find some gems amid runners on who you can bet.

London Marathon
6,746 people started the first London race on March 29, 1981. Numerous spectators lined up along the finish line and tried to protect themselves at least a little from the rain in order to wait for the winner’s finish. The number of race participants this year amounted to a little more than 40 thousand people. The registration fee is 80 pounds (110 dollars) for foreigners and 39 pounds for the British.

Boston Marathon
Back in 1897, the start of the first race in Boston was given by one of the heroes of the first Olympic Games – two-time winner of Athens, sprinter Tom Burke. The Boston race is one of the oldest and most prestigious races on the planet, the oldest held annually. AIMS member and at the same time a member of the World Marathon Majors league.
At the Boston Race, world records are not recorded, since the height difference at the distance does not meet the IAAF requirements and the distance between the start and finish is greater than required. Track record belongs to Jeffrey Mutai (2:19:59, 2011). This event is immensely popular among those who like to bet on this sport.

On November 8, 1964, the “Devil’s Mountain” cross was held for the first time in West Berlin. This date can be considered the birthday of the Berlin Marathon. Jogging pastry chef Horst Milde and his fellow students organized a race on Teufelsberg Mountain – and this is how it`s story began.
The Berlin race is the oldest member of the AIMS. Since 2005 – a member of the World Marathon Majors league. The fastest race in the world by the average time of the top ten runners. It was at this race that the last seven world records were set, including this year’s record – the result of Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge (2:01:39).

Is it hard to bet on running?

In general, betting on running is no harder than on any other sport. You just need to learn the specifics of this sport and choose on who to gamble.